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joi, 30 septembrie 2010

I wanted...

I wanted to marry you...

I wanted to grow old with you

I wanted to live in a tiny house and have only you, because you it's all I ever needed

I wanted to tell our children how strong our love is

I wanted to know who won the bet about our baby being a girl or a boy.

I wanted to burn your dinner and watch you eating it with a fake grin on your face.

I wanted to watch horrible suppy films with you, knowing you won't make a big deal out of me crying at them.

I wanted to introduce you at my dead as the man I love.

I wanted to take our dog for a walk together.

I wanted to get mad at you for coming late from work.

I wnated to dance with you at our wedding day.

I wanted to fall asleep in you arms for the rest of our lives.

I wanted to come home from work and have you meet me at the door with an ice-cream.

I wanted you to watch me graduate from the Academy.

I wanted to listen to you and my mother arguing over silly things at the table.

I wanted to hold your hand watching the first sunrise together.

I just wanted you, but I guess sometimes we don't get what we want.
I wanted all ... and I have nothing.

7 comentarii:

  1. Imi place mult sa citesc poezii ,cantece sau alte texte in engleza ,parca suna mai bine .Frumos scris ,dar uneori trebuie sa fim constienti ca nu tot ceea ce ne-am dorit se va indeplini ,dar intotdeauna ai ceva mai mult decat acest nimic pe care pretinzi ca ti-a ramas sau ca-l ai .Trebuie doar sa stii unde sa privesti sa vezi ca ai mai mult.

  2. foarte frumos ti-ai exprimat sentimentele :)

  3. Toate sunt adevarate! Though, as the saying goes: "sometimes, words have two meanings".

  4. melodiile care m-au impresionat pe mine si or sa-mi ramana mereu in suflet sunt cateva:P sarah mclachlan- answer,Damian Rice-9 crimes,Joan Armatrading-the weakness in me,Brad Paisley-Whisky lullaby,Lara Fabian-part of me,Sissel-Print Igor si Weightless

  5. Cu privire la ceea ce ai scris as spune si eu ceva,aminteste-ti ca orice lucru pe care nu-l avem momentan poate fi un mare noroc..niciodata nu se stie cand ceva de 10 ori mai bun ne asteapta..totusi stiu ca doare sa nu ai ceea ce iti doresti..have a little patience ,good things come to those who wait

  6. a fost o asteptare reusita totusi ;))


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