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luni, 9 august 2010

I Can

I can live without you, without my angel. I don't need anything, just my lonely demon life, with fire, agony and pain. I'm always in love with the wrong thing. Maybe a demon will fit to me. I need no angles, 'cause angels come and go, but a demon who hates you, will hate you until the end. I need no angles. I need no love. How much power love gives you to destroy someone! So, who wants to be my demon and hate me for life?

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  1. Damn! De prima data cand am auzit piesa asta m-am indragostit de ea..iar cand am aflat ca tipii din trupa sunt romani chiar m-au facut sa ma simt si mai mandra ca sunt romanca. Indie Rock is not dead! :)


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